The Northern Powerhouse Partnership

What is the Northern Powerhouse Partnership?

The NPP will help develop consensus among businesses, civic leaders and others about how the north of England can be more successful.  The focus will be on encouraging cities and counties to work together to create a northern powerhouse.

By producing original research, encouraging innovative thinking and hosting thought-provoking events, the NPP will encourage new policy ideas which will improve the north's quality of life and economy, and promote it as a place to work, study, live and invest.

The NPP is chaired by George Osborne and has a business-led Board which features influential business figures from across the North of England. Prominent city leaders across the region are also represented on the Board, in addition to Jim O’Neill, former Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, and John Cridland, Chair of Transport for the North (TfN). NPP is non-political and will maintain an all-party approach.


To increase the impact and contribution of the North of England to the UK economy.

The North contains communities with a strong industrial heritage and a distinct culture all surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. By encouraging these communities to work more closely together, we believe we can make the whole of the North greater than the individual parts. This will create the prosperous, modern economic powerhouse that has the critical mass to drive a wealth of opportunities; a North where companies choose to invest and create jobs, and people choose to live because there is a high quality of life, rising living standards and everyone is supported to reach their full potential.

NPP is business led, and will foster the partnership with local and national government. We will focus on where, by working better together across the North, we can make the biggest difference to growth and quality of life, putting in place the evidence base needed to support action, and driving specific initiatives.

George Osborne MP

George Osborne MP, Chair

"When I launched the idea of the Northern Powerhouse I said I would work tirelessly with anyone and everyone to make it a reality. But even I have been taken aback by the huge support it’s attracted, across political parties, businesses and communities.

In the space of just two years, we've created powerful new mayors, committed to huge new transport and science projects, and attracted investment from around the world.  

There's a real excitement now in the north about what we can achieve if we work together.  I don't want us to lose that.  That's why I'm so pleased major businesses, civic leaders and others have worked with me to create this new Northern Powerhouse Partnership. I'm also glad that the government has given its support.

Chairing this new Partnership will now be a major focus of my political energies.  The Northern Powerhouse is here to stay."

Northern Powerhouse Partnership Survey

This survey is meant for those in business to help and inform the Northern Powerhouse Partnership report on Education and Skills to be published early 2018. Our last report (published September 2017) looked at how we can improve the productivity of the North. It can be viewed here.

Integral to this aspiration is skilling the people of the North to make sure that we have the skills for the 850,000 extra jobs by 2050. This survey asks about your business' skill needs and your ideas of how business should be involved in this agenda.

We will use all data to recommend which skills should be focused on to create the future workforce and to map good and bad practice of business engagement across the North.

Your name and business will not be used unless we expressly ask permission. The Northern Powerhouse Partnership may contact you in the future to update you on this report and other work.