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The Northern Powerhouse Partnership (NPP) was launched in September 2016 as the leading voice of business and civic leaders across the North. NPP is chaired by the former Chancellor George Osborne who backed the Northern Powerhouse as a concept and who coined the phrase itself in a keynote speech in June 2014.

The vision focused on one central idea: by closely connecting the great cities of the North, we could create a whole greater than the sum of our parts. An interconnected network of thriving economic hubs that stretched the breadth of the Pennines would allow people here to access better-paid, more highly-skilled jobs. Moreover, it would attract businesses from around the globe looking to capitalise on a talent pool of millions.

Unlocking further economic growth and driving up productivity across the North will be led by private sector growth, underpinned by private capital as well as public goods. 

There are three priorities at the heart of rebalancing the UK economy: transport, devolution  and education. Investment in each of these is critical to creating more opportunities for people living and working here and to creating a North as prosperous as the South.

NPP is business-led and fosters collaboration between places and national government. We work together on evidence-based objectives which can make the biggest impact to deliver sustainable growth and to improve quality of life.

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21 hours ago
. @AndyBurnhamGM says the original #NorthernPowerhouse vision was to connect the great cities of the North to create a stronger cluster that could pack a punch on the global stage.

That means building in full both HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail through Bradford.

22 hours ago
Speaking at @Transport4North conference today, @henrimurison says we have to be able to sell the North of England as a connected whole, with particular talent pools and particular innovation strengths…

#TfN21 https://t.co/Ftq8ViAMkO

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