Why high-speed rail is critical to decarbonising our transport system

19.11.20 By Henri Murison, director of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership One of the main misconceptions about HS2 is that...

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Unfair school league tables fail to give accurate picture of pupil progress

11.11.20 Current DfE secondary school league tables are failing to give a fair picture of pupil progress by ignoring...

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Northern business leaders call for a clear roadmap out of lockdown

02.11.20 80 prominent Northern business leaders have written to the Prime Minister to warn that levelling-up is at risk...

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Is this Government serious about the Northern Powerhouse? If so, show us.

15.10.20 By Lord Jim O’Neill, vice-chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership In 2015, I joined the Treasury under George...

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‘Red Wall’ unemployment levels soar due to Covid

13.10.20 New analysis from the Northern Powerhouse Partnership has shown that unemployment levels are soaring across the ‘Red Wall’...

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Northern businesses call for greater government support to stop North-South divide worsening

A group of business leaders from across the North have today written to the Prime Minster to urge a...

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Power up the North: Levelling up in recovery

04.09.20 The Northern Powerhouse, since its launch in 2014, has seen some progress but too many false dawns. As...

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Recovery for all: how the Northern Powerhouse can lead the economic recovery

20.05.20 Polling demonstrates huge support for investment in education, green jobs and fibre broadband Proposals show how the government...

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The North and Midlands ‘must take control’ to deliver true benefits of HS2 and NPR, says review

16.10.19 A report by the Northern Powerhouse Independent Review into HS2 says the North and Midlands must take control...

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Northern leaders call for an ‘aviation strategy for the North’ to ensure its position on the global stage

09.07.19 The North outperforms London according to forthcoming NatWest Northern Powerhouse PMI (Purchase Managers Index) report Government must establish...

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